A Little Book of Monsters

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Author: Llyn Hunter

ISBN-10: 0977641902

ISBN-13: 9780977641901

Category: Alphabet -> Children's nonfiction

A miniature encyclopedia of mythical creatures, A Little Book of Monsters is a must for the reader of any age who seeks out the beasties that have filled human kind\'s imagination throughout time. Within this small tome is a light compilation of some of the most unusual creatures from the world\'s famous legends and myths. There are 26 beasts such as the more familiar European fare like the dragon and unicorn, but there also more exotic creatures like the tengu, raven goblin of Japan, or the...

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Since the dawn of time, humans have imagined strange creatures to be the servants of the gods, bringers of good and ill fortune, and things that go bump in the night. Within this book is a small sampling of these beings from across the world and time, described in simple verse for enlightenment and pleasure.