Bible Quotations Crossword Puzzles (Dover Brain Games)

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Author: Boris Randolph

ISBN-10: 0486421066

ISBN-13: 9780486421063

Category: Crossword Puzzles -> Themed puzzles

How well do you know your Bible? Test your skills and expand your knowledge with this fascinating collection of crossword puzzles that utilizes quotations from the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, for hours of challenging entertainment and enlightenment.
Each of the 66 crossword puzzles features a theme, such as \"One of the Ten Commandments\" and \"A Text from the Sermon on the Mount.\" Upon completion of the puzzle, a special series of boxes reveals a line of scripture from the King...

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Crossword enthusiasts can test and expand their knowledge of the Scriptures, and those well versed in the Bible can sharpen their puzzle skills. Each of the 66 puzzles features a Biblical quotation — all taken from the King James Version — that ultimately appears in a special series of boxes upon completion of the puzzle.