Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

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Author: Debra M. Eldredge DVM

ISBN-10: 047009530X

ISBN-13: 9780470095300

Category: Cats

The classic bestseller--expanded and updated
For years, many veterinary treatments for cats were based on research conducted with dogs because it was wrongly assumed that cats were very similar. Recently, there have been giant strides in feline veterinary research. This classic reference is fully updated and revised to reflect these advances and gives you the most up-to-date guidance on cat health and cat care. It includes: An index of signs and symptoms to help you find information fast...

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The most comprehensive, essential reference for every cat owner, this easy-to-use, authoritative guide provides the vital information you need to take good care of your cat in all types of situations and in all ages and stages of her life. This fully revised and updated Third Edition covers common feline problems and ailments in language you can understand. It includes current information on: Vaccine protocolsFlea, tick, and heartworm preventivesNutrition and understanding cat food labelsNewly recognized heart, muscle, and dental diseasesLower urinary tract disease, hip dysplasia, calicivirus, and many other conditionsNew drugs and surgical techniquesTherapies using supplements, nutraceuticals, and holistic modalities

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Introduction. Chapter 1: EMERGENCIES. Handling and Restraint. Artificial Respiration and Heart Massage. Shock. Acute Painful Abdomen. Broken Bones. Burns. Cold Exposure. Dehydration. Drowning and Suffocation. Electric Shock. Heat Stroke. Poisoning. Insect Stings, Spiders, and Scorpions. Snake and Lizard Bites. Wounds. Chapter 2: GASTROINTESTINAL PARASITES. Deworming Your Cat. Ascarids (Roundworms). Hookworms. Tapeworms. Other Worm Parasites. Protozoal Parasites. Chapter 3: INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Bacterial Diseases. Viral Diseases. Fungal Diseases.Protozoan Diseases. Rickettsial Diseases. Antibodies and Immunity. Vaccinations. Available Vaccines. Shelter Recommendations. Chapter 4: THE SKIN AND COAT. The Cat’s Coat. How to Avoid Coat and Skin Problems. Beyond the Brush. Bathing. Hairballs. Sorting Out Skin Diseases. Fleas. Other Insect Parasites. Using Insecticides. Allergies. Fungal Infections. Hormonal Skin Diseases. Pyoderma. Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. Lumps and Bumps on or Beneath the Skin. Chapter 5: THE EYES. Structure of the Eye. If Your Cat Has an Eye Problem. The Eyeball. The Eyelids. The Nictitating Membrane (Third Eyelid). The Tearing Mechanism. The Outer Eye. The Cornea. The Inner Eye. Chapter 6: THE EARS. Structure of the Ears. Basic Ear Care. The Pinna. The Ear Canal. Otitis Media. Otitis Interna. Deafness. Chapter 7: THE NOSE. Signs of Nasal Irritation. The Nasal Cavity. Chapter 8: THE MOUTH AND THROAT. How to Examine the Mouth. Signs of Mouth and Throat Disease. The Lips. The Gums. The Teeth. The Tongue. The Mouth. The Throat. The Salivary Glands. Swollen Head. Chapter 9: THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Endoscopy. The Esophagus. The Stomach. Vomiting. Small and Large Bowels. Diarrhea. The Anus and Rectum. The Liver. The Pancreas. Chapter 10: THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. Purring. Signs of Abnormal Breathing. Coughing. The Larynx. Trachea and Bronchi. The Lungs. Chapter 11: THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. The Heart. Evaluating the Circulation. Blood Types. Heart Failure. Cardiovascular Disease. Anemia. Heartworms. Chapter 12: THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. Head Injuries. The Central Nervous System. Seizures. Coma. Vestibular Disorders. The Spinal Cord. Nerve Injuries and Diseases. Chapter 13: THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM. Declawing. Limping or Lameness. Muscle, Bone, and Joint Injuries. Inherited Orthopedic Diseases. Arthritis. Metabolic Bone Disorders. Muscle Disorders. Chapter 14: THE URINARY SYSTEM. Signs of Urinary Tract Disease. The Kidneys. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure). Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Uroliths (Bladder Stones). Urinary Incontinence. The Adrenal Glands. Litter Box Issues. Chapter 15: SEX AND REPRODUCTION. Feline Genetics. Screening for Health Problems. The Queen. The Tom. The Estrus (Heat) Cycle. Mating. Reluctant Breeders. Infertility. Diseases of the Male Genital Tract. Diseases of the Female Genital Tract. Artificial Insemination. Pseudocyesis (False Pregnancy). Unwanted Pregnancy. Birth Control. Chapter 16: PREGNANCY AND KITTENING. Determining Pregnancy. Care and Feeding During Pregnancy. Kittening Preparations. Signs of Imminent Delivery. Kittening. Dystocia (Difficult Labor). Cesarean Section. Postpartum Care of the Queen. Postpartum Problems. Cloning. Chapter 17: PEDIATRICS. Sexing a Kitten. Caring for Newborns. Raising Kittens by Hand. Kitten Diseases. Congenital Defects. Weaning. Choosing a Healthy Kitten. Training. Behavior Problems. Chapter 18: NUTRITION. Basic Nutritional Requirements. Commercial Cat Foods. Diets for Health Problems. Raw Diets. Feeding Your Cat. Switching Diets. Obesity. Common Feeding Errors. Chapter 19: TUMORS AND CANCERS. Cancer in the Cat. What Causes Cancer? Diagnosing Cancers. Treating Tumors and Cancers. Common Surface Tumors. Breast Swellings and Tumors. Feline Leukemia Virus. Feline Lymphoma. Hyperthyroidism (Thyroid Cancer). Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma. Chapter 20: GERIATRICS. The Geriatric Checkup. Physical Changes. Behavior Changes. Functional Changes. Weight Changes. Adding a New Kitten. Hospice Care. Euthanasia. Chapter 21: MEDICATIONS. Anesthesia. Analgesics. Antibiotics. Drug Treatment of Behavior Disorders. Drug Complications. How to Give Medications. Appendix A: NORMAL PHYSIOLOGICAL DATA. Appendix B: COMPARATIVE AGE OF CATS AND HUMANS. Appendix C: LABORATORY TESTS. Appendix D: USEFUL RESOURCES. Glossary. About the Authors. List of Tables. Index.