Countdown to Winning Bridge

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Author: Tim Bourke

ISBN-10: 1897106319

ISBN-13: 9781897106310

Category: Bridge -> Mort

"If you have been playing bridge without counting the hand, perhaps for years, you are about to enter a new world.\" Thus David Bird, in the foreword to the original edition of this book. Thousands of readers learned to improve their play from the book version, and now it is available in an interactive CDROM, using Fred Gitelman\'s state-of-the-art Bridge Base engine. The reader can play through every example himself, as many times as he wants, bringing an \"at-the-table\" feel to the...

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Did you ever notice how the bridge experts always seem to know where every card is? How their finesses always seem to succeed? How their guesses are nearly always perfect? This book won't teach you to play quite that well, but it will introduce you to some very simple techniques that the experts use on play and defense.As declarer or defender, counting the hand is the one thing that will help you the most. But how do you keep track of all those cards? This book will show you how - explaining the tricks of the trade, and helping anyone who can count to thirteen to become a much better player. Full of practical examples of how to apply the information you get from counting, this book is sure to improve your game.