Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-R): Revised Edition

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Author: Thelma Harms

ISBN-10: 0807745499

ISBN-13: 9780807745496

Category: Academic Evaluation

Featuring a spiral binding, the updated Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, ® ECERS-R, offers more practical assistance in the form of an Expanded Score Sheet (which contains a worksheet) and additional notes for clarification to improve accuracy in scoring. However, the items and indicators remain the same as in the original ECERS-R.
Designed for preschool, kindergarten, and child care classrooms serving children 2½ through 5 years of age, this widely used program quality assessment...

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The ECERS-R is a thorough revision of the widely used program quality assessment instrument, theEarly Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS). Designed for use in preschool, kindergarten, and child care classrooms serving children 21/2 through 5 years of age, the ECERS-R can be used by program directors for supervision and program improvement, by teaching staff for self-assessment, by agency staff for monitoring, and in teacher training programs. The established reliability and validity of the scale make it particularly useful for research and program evaluation. New for the Revised Edition! The new ECERS-R has been expanded to 43 items and includes many improvements that will make this widely used resource even more valuable to early childhood educators. Examples of new items include: Interaction items, such as Staff-child interactions, Interactions among children, and Discipline Additional curriculum items such as Nature/science; Math/number; Use of TV, video, and/or computers; and Promoting acceptance of diversity Health and Safety items More inclusive and culturally sensitive indicators and examples for many items More items focusing on staff needs Convenient Organization! Space and Furnishings Personal Care Routines Language-Reasoning Activities Interaction Program Structure Parents and Staff Each of the 43 items is expressed as a 7-point scale with indicators for: 1 (inadequate), 3 (minimal), 5 (good), and 7 (excellent). Notes for clarification and questions are included for selected items. An introductory section gives detailed information about the rationale of the ECERS-R, the process of revision, and the reliability and validity of the scale. Full instructions for administration and scoring, as well as a Score Sheet and Profile that may be photocopied, are included with the scale.

Introduction to the ECERS-R1Instructions for using the ECERS-R5Overview of the subscales and items of the ECERS-R9The early childhood environment rating scale-revised10Sample of a filled-in score sheet and profile74Score sheet75ECERS-R profile87