Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

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Author: Robert Jensen

ISBN-10: 089608776X

ISBN-13: 9780896087767

Category: Criminology

In our culture, porn makes the man. So argues Robert Jensen in Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity. Jensen’s treatise begins with a simple demand: “Be a man.” It ends with a defiant response: “I chose to struggle to be a human being.” The journey from masculinity to humanity is found in the candid and intelligent exploration of porn’s devastating role in defining masculinity.
Getting Off seamlessly blends personal anecdotes from Jensen’s years as a feminist anti-pornography...

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Does porn make the man?

Our First Glance In The Mirror: The Rowdy Boys     1IntroductionMasculinity: [Andrea and Jim]     5Pornography: [The Paradox in the Mirror]     13MasculinityWhere we are stuck: [Playing King of the Hill]     21PornographyA pornographic world: [What is Normal?]     37Pornography as mirror: [Content]     51Choices, his and hers: [Production]     79We are what we masturbate to: [Consumption]     97Getting nasty: [Ariana Jollee and Laura David]     121Not-masculinityWhere we need to go: [More than Just Johns]     133ConclusionPornography: [What is Sexuality for?]     153Masculinity: [What Can Men Do?]     165Our Last Glance In The Mirror: The Sad Men     185Endnotes     186A bibliographic note     195Acknowledgments     197