Methodology of the Oppressed

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Author: Chela Sandoval

ISBN-10: 0816627371

ISBN-13: 9780816627370

Category: Teaching - Social Science

A new approach to feminist thought that challenges current critical theories.
In a work with far-reaching implications, Chela Sandoval does no less than revise the genealogy of theory over the past thirty years, inserting what she terms \"U.S. Third World feminism\" into the narrative in a way that thoroughly alters our perspective on contemporary culture and subjectivity.
What Sandoval has identified is a language, a rhetoric of resistance to postmodern cultural conditions. U.S....

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ForewordAcknowledgmentsIntroductionPt. IFoundations in Neocolonial PostmodernismCh. 1Fredric Jameson: Postmodernism is a Neocolonizing Global ForcePt. IIThe Theory and Method of Oppositional Consciousness in the Postmodern WorldCh. 2U.S. Third World Feminism: Differential Social Movement IPt. IIIThe Methodology of the Oppressed: Semiotics, Deconstruction, Meta-Ideologizing, Democratics, and Differential Movements IICh. 3On Cultural Studies: An Apartheid of Theoretical DomainsCh. 4Semiotics and Languages of EmancipationCh. 5The Rhetoric of Supremacism as Revealed by the Ethical Technology: DemocraticsPt. IVLove in the Postmodern World: Differential Consciousness IIICh. 6Love as a Hermeneutics of Social Change, a Decolonizing MovidaCh. 7Revolutionary Force: Connecting Desire to RealityConclusion: Differential Manifesto, Trans-Languages, and Global Oppositional PoliticsNotesBibliographyIndex

\ From the Publisher"Methodology of the Oppressed represents a major contribution to theory and the understanding of contemporary consciousness. Sandoval has created a cornucopia of terms, concepts, and modes of analysis. Consolidating the work of a remarkable range of scholars, she takes the next step in proposing a genuine alternative to the blind alleys in which existing theory often finds itself." —Mary Louise Pratt, author of Imperial Eyes\ "In this brilliantly innovative work, Chela Sandoval demands that intellectuals interested in democratizing power venture into new political, theoretical territories to listen to and participate in conversations heretofore largely inaudible across the borders of subjectivity. Ground-breaking." —American Quarterly\ "At a time when the unfriendly ghosts of identity politics still haunt the hallways of academia, this book should be considered necessary reading for educators and cultural workers concerned with struggles for social justice in the twenty-first century. Sandoval’s book has originality. Sandoval is succinct in baring the problems of postmodern era while recognizing its enormous contributions as a mode of social thought, and shows us what may lay over the horizon. If this book is an accurate indication of the future of social movements and critical thought, we have reason to be optimistic." —Convergence\ "Sandoval’s book brilliantly puts into practice the method, theory, and politics that she describes as U.S. Third World feminism and its particular mode of differential consciousness. Methodology of the Oppressed is a tour de force of theoretical genealogies." —Feminist Studies\ \ \