Monitoring Government: Inspectors General and the Search for Accountability

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Author: Paul Charles Light

ISBN-10: 0815752555

ISBN-13: 9780815752554

Category: Auditing

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Introduction1Why Study IGs?2Methods of Inquiry4Plan of the Book5Pt. 1Frameworks1The Newest Monitors11Paths to Accountability12Monitoring toward Accountability16Conclusion: An Era of Limits212The Rise of the IG Concept23An Introduction to the IG Act23A Brief History25A Statutory Prototype28A Nonstatutory Alternative31Conclusion: A Barbed Wire Fence35Pt. 2Designing the Concept3Why Congress Acted39The Three Horsemen of the IG Concept39The Politics of Fraud Busting43The Information Imperative48Conclusion: The Choice of Compliance574Creating a Strong Right Arm58What Might Have Been59The IG Job Description61Institutionalized Ambivalence68Pt. 3Implementing the Act5The Class of 197981Carter's Choices82An Abbreviated Term90Conclusion: Too Much to Do, Too Little Time1006Glory Days102Fear of Firing103Getting Started ... Again104The Seeds of Alliance111Conclusion: A Match Made in Heaven?1187Backlash121The Class of 1985121Fine-Tuning128Into the Bush Years131Conclusion: Uncertain Futures145Pt. 4Organizing for Accountability8A Drift toward Investigation149Auditors and Investigators150The Investigatory Impulse160Conclusion: Protecting IGs1699The Organizational IGs175An Organizational History of the OIGs177The Organizational Future189The IGs as Institutional Memory200Pt. 5Questions of Effectiveness10Measuring the Impact of IGs203Measures of Effectiveness204Conclusion: Questions of Performance22011The Future of the IG Concept224The IG Act Innovations225A Reprise on Reform229A Safe Harbor for Analysis234Appendix: Interview Contacts236Notes241Index265

\ BooknewsLight (public affairs, U. of Minnesota) covers the history of IGs, political tensions, a case study of HUD--the cataclysm that brought IGs out of the shadows, and prospects for future impact upon the federal monster. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (\ \